Best Internet Casinos with Baccarat Games

Baccarat is a simple game, despite its reputation as a game for high-rollers and experienced casino gamblers. Because of its simplicity and a very low house edge, baccarat is quite popular in Internet casinos. Nearly every online casino offers baccarat, making it difficult to figure out which casino offers the best baccarat games. We’ve done some research, and have found that these are the best online baccarat casinos:

Explanation of Our Baccarat Rankings

What makes Grand Parker, LuckyRed, and Loco Panda stand out from the pack? Here’s a rundown on what these casinos have to offer.

#1 Baccarat Casino – Grand Parker Casino

Grand Parker Casino is our favorite place to play online baccarat! With a clean, elegant interface and the ability to wager anywhere between $1 and $250 on each hand, Grand Parker Casino makes it easy to play online baccarat at any stakes level. If you want to play for more money, you can even apply to have your limits raised. Best of all, Grand Parker Casino is completely open to USA players who want to play baccarat.

With a great 100% bonus that can add up to $4000 over your first two deposits, there’s no reason not to play baccarat at Grand Parker Casino.

#2 Baccarat Casino – LuckyRed Casino

LuckyRed Casino offers one of the simplest, easiest baccarat interfaces around. This makes it easy to play and make the bets you want, without any confusing flashy graphics getting in the way. You can play baccarat in both the downloadable casino and the instant play flash casino available right on their website! USA baccarat players are more than welcome to play here as well. LuckyRed Casino is known for their high table limits; if you want to play high-stakes Baccarat, just ask and LuckyRed Casino will probably raise your limits to whatever you’d like.

LuckyRed Casino is also home to one of the biggest bonuses in the online casino world. Sign up for an account today to receive a first deposit bonus of 100%, up to a maximum of $1,000!

#3 Baccarat Casino – Loco Panda Casino

With a stylish, colorful interface, Loco Panda Casino offers a fun and attractive online baccarat game, making them a great option for baccarat players. USA players are welcome to play baccarat here, just like everyone else. As is standard at nearly all casinos (whether you play live or online), Loco Panda charges a 5% commission on winning Player and Banker bets. You can bet anywhere between $1 and $250 per hand at Loco Panda Casino, and players who are in the Loco VIP program can apply to have the maximum bet raised.

The Loco Panda Casino also has an amazing sign up bonus that you’ll want to take advantage of. You can get a 100% matching bonus of up to $5000 on your first real money deposit.

How We Chose Our Top 3 Casinos

Here’s the criteria we used for deciding which casinos were the best online casinos for baccarat:

Betting Limits

Baccarat is known as a game for high-stakes gamblers, and online baccarat shouldn’t be any different. At the same time, nobody should be left out from playing. We chose online casinos that offer baccarat that can be played for just a few dollars, but who will also raise your limits to let you play at any level you want.

Low Commissions

We made sure that the baccarat casinos we picked featured the standard 5% commission on winning bets. Any casinos offering higher commissions were immediately disqualified, as this significantly increases the house edge.


We wanted to pick online baccarat games that were easy to play, yet still enjoyable. The above sites all features games that run smoothly and are also easy on the eyes to provide a high-quality baccarat experience.

More Baccarat Info

Baccarat may seem confusing, but it’s actually a very simple game to play. Players bet one which of two hands will win, or if they will tie. The two hands are named Player and Banker, but you can bet on whichever one you like. Each two card hand gets a score depending on the cards in the hand. Cards have the same value as in blackjack (aces counting as one), but only the last digit of the hand’s score counts; in other words, a hand of 8 and 7 adds up to 15, but the score for that hand is 5. Based on the scores of the two hands, one additional card is sometimes dealt to one or both hands. The highest score wins, with 9 being the bets possible hand.

If you want the best baccarat strategy possible, always bet on the Banker, which carries a house edge of just 1.06%. The Player bet is also good, with an edge of just 1.24%. However, the tie bet is a sucker bet; it carries a house edge of 14-15%.