Game Specific Casino Rankings

There are many different types of casino players, from the complete novice to the seasoned veteran. What we endeavor to do here at is offer the best advice on which casinos suits each type of player, especially in regards to the games you want to play.

Outlined below is a comprehensive list of the most popular games and in our opinion the best sites on which to play them. So if you know which game is for you, just click on the link below and take a look at the options available.

How We Determined Our Rankings

When reviewing a casino we look at a number of factors before deciding on a ranking. The four main areas where we mark casinos are:

Overall Casino Reputation

The first thing we look at when reviewing a casino is their reputation. Why? Well we feel that no matter how impressive the games, or how large the bonus is, if the casinos can’t be trusted to offer above board games or cash out your winnings when requested then it’s not a good deal for the player. We want to ensure that all players feel safe playing at their chosen casino and are afforded fair and safe gaming.

Game Selection

This section reflects the variants of specific games available, i.e. that games such as roulette are offered in both the European and American versions and that others such as video poker offer the option of multi as well as single handed play. Casinos not offering such options lose points under this section.

Game Play and Graphics

A priority for some players, especially those concentrate on clearing the generous bonuses on offer at some casinos, is fast game play. To reflect this we take into account the speed and ease of game play at each casino and points are deducted if games are unresponsive or overly slow. Graphics, whilst not important to some, can be the difference in which casino to choose for a number of players. Casinos that have spent time ensuring that not only are their games good value, but visually appealing, gain points here.


Finally we take into consideration the payouts on each of the games. We expect the games we cover to payout in line with industry standard or better, if this is not the case points are deducted from their score under this section. An example being that some casinos only offer 6:5 on blackjacks, when the payout should be 3:2. The difference drastically improves the house edge, meaning that the player losses out. Games with poor payouts are severely penalized under this section.