Best Internet Casinos with Blackjack Games

Ah, blackjack – it’s probably the most popular and famous casino table game of them all. It’s one of the few games where the player has a real effect on how much money they win or lose through, and the importance of strategy stops the game from ever getting boring. With blackjack being so popular, every online casino has blackjack, and often a number of alternative blackjack variants to boot. With all the choices out there, how can you choose the best online casino for blackjack?

Features of the Top Blackjack Websites

What makes a casino the very best when it comes to their blackjack games? Here’s a quick look at each one of our editor’s top 3 choices so that you can see what they have to offer.

#1 Blackjack Casino – Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red Casino is, by far, our favorite online casino for blackjack. Lucky Red features four different blackjack games, including Vegas and European style games, Perfect Pairs and Progressive Blackjack, where you can win a huge progressive jackpot just by playing your favorite casino game. Lucky Red also offers great blackjack odds, giving the full 3:2 odds on a blackjack. Plus, Lucky Red is always open to increasing your betting limits, making it perfect for high rollers!

Lucky Red is open to US casino players, and offers a huge bonus for new players: a 100% matching bonus worth up to $1,000 over your first deposit. Sign up for an account at Lucky Red Casino today to start playing the best online blackjack around!

#2 Blackjack Casino – Aladdins Gold

Aladdins Gold is another website that offers excellent blackjack options for its players. Just like LuckyRed Casino, Aladdins Gold offers four different forms of blackjack, including a progressive game that often has jackpots ranging into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. They also offer the same 3:2 blackjack odds, meaning you know you’re getting full value at the table. Betting limits range from $1 to $500, meaning you’ll feel comfortable here whether you’re a high roller or just a casual player.

Aladdins Gold offers a great 200% first deposit bonus of up to any amount, and offers plenty more bonuses on your subsequent deposits as well. Best of all, USA players are welcome to play at Aladdins Gold! If you’re looking for a great online blackjack site to play at, open an Aladdins Gold account right now.

#3 Blackjack Casino – Grand Parker Casino

At Grand Parker Casino, you can play a huge variety of blackjack games, including standard blackjack, Perfect Pairs, European blackjack, Match Play 21, Super 21 and more. All of the games are available for play in a smooth, clean interface that’s simple to use. Once again, this casino offers the full 3:2 odds on blackjacks, avoiding the lower 6:5 odds offered by some casinos. There is a good range of bet sizes allowed, with bets from $1 to $250 being used as a default, though you can ask for those limits to be raised if necessary.

Grand Parker Casino has a special blackjack bonus just for blackjack players. It’s a 200% match on your first deposit, up to a total amount of $1,000! Sign up for a Grand Parker Casino account and use the coupon code DOUBLEDOWN to take advantage of this great offer. American players are welcome to take advantage of this bonus, too!

How We Rated the Online Blackjack Casinos

Here are the criteria we used for picking the very best online blackjack casinos:

Blackjack Odds

All of the casinos we chose give players the full 3:2 odds on blackjacks, not the reduced 6:5 odds that have begun to pop up at some online casinos (as well as many live casinos). If a casino didn’t offer full odds, they had no chance of making this list.

Blackjack Varieties

Sometimes, you’ll want to try a little twist on the traditional game of blackjack. With this in mind, we gave extra consideration to those casinos that had a wide range of blackjack games available for players to try.

Blackjack Bonuses

Some casinos offer special bonuses to blackjack players, while some don’t allow players to clear bonuses playing blackjack at all. We made sure to choose casinos that catered to blackjack players, and had bonuses that were both large and blackjack-friendly.

More Blackjack Info

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world, due to the excellent odds the game offers and the depth of strategy that few other casino games can match. The object of the game is to make a hand worth as close to 21 points as possible, without going over; cards with numbers count as their number, face cards are worth 10, and aces can be worth 11 or one. If you get closer to 21 than the dealer you win; but if you ever go over 21, you “bust” and lose immediately.

If the player is dealt an ace and a face card to start the game, they have a score of 21, the best possible hand. This is known as a “blackjack,” and unlike regular hands – which pay even money on a win – these hands pay 3:2 odds at most casinos.

The best possible strategies for blackjack are known as “basic strategy.” There are many charts available that can teach you basic strategy, as well as smaller charts that come very close to optimal strategy without as many situations to memorize.