Best Internet Casinos with Pai Gow Poker Games

Pai gow poker is a very popular game that shouldn’t be confused with pai gow, the tile game it’s based on. Thanks to the relatively slow pace of play, and the fact that many hands end in a push, it’s a great, relaxing game where your money will usually last for a long time.

How did we pick out the best pai gow poker casinos? Read on to see what makes these three stand out from the crowd.

#1 Pai Gow Poker Casino – Aladdins Gold

Aladdins Gold is our pick for the very best online casino for playing pai gow poker. It features everything every good pai gow poker casino should have, like a 5% commission and a crisp, easy to use interface. Aladdins Gold also has a house way button, which will arrange your two hands for you according to the house way if you’re not sure what the best play is.

Aladdins Gold is open to USA players too, which is always a plus. Sign up at Aladdins Gold now to receive a 200% instant bonus in your first 7 days with no maximum!

#2 Pai Gow Poker Casino – Grand Parker Casino

Grand Parker Casino is another excellent casino for playing pai gow poker. They charge the standard 5% commission on winning bets, and despite all the cards on the screen, it’s never hard to keep track of the action. Plus, you can bet anywhere from $1 to $250 per hand, making it great for casual players and high rollers alike.

Right now at Grand Parker Casino, you can sign up for an account and receive a 100% bonus of up to $4000 over your first two deposits. USA players are more than welcome to play at Grand Parker, too, so they can join in on the fun!

#3 Pai Gow Poker Casino – Loco Panda Casino

Once again, Loco Panda provides an awesome, stylish gaming experience that also offers plenty of substance. Loco Panda charges the normal 5% commission on winning bets, which is as good as you’ll find at any online casino.

Sign up for a Loco Panda Casino account today, and you can get one of the best bonuses you’ll ever see: a 100% matching bonus of $500 on each of your first 10 deposits, for a total bonus of $5000! Best of all, American casino players can take part, since they’re allowed to play at Loco Panda Casino.

How We Rated the Online Pai Gow Poker Casinos

All of the casinos we picked offer the standard 5% commission. Any casino which had a higher commission was immediately excluded from our list.

Extra Features

We really liked seeing casinos that offered a house way button to make life easier on new players, so casinos with that or other helpful options for splitting hands were given extra consideration.

Overall Casino Reputation

Even though these are pai gow poker rankings, we know our players like to play other games as well. That’s why we also took the overall casino into account, giving extra points to great all-around casinos.

More Pai Gow Poker Info

In pai gow poker, each player is dealt seven cards, from which they must make both a five-card poker hand and a two-card hand. The dealer does the same, and then all hands are compared. If the player wins both hands, he wins the bet; if the dealer wins both, the player loses their bet. If the players and dealer each win one, the bet is a push. The casino makes its money by charging a 5% commission on wins.

If you’re looking for the best way to split your hands, you can’t do much better than by following the “house way,” which is the way the casino requires the dealer to split his hands. This will get you very close to optimal play, leaving the house with only a small house edge of under 3%.