Best Internet Casinos with Pai Gow Tiles Games

Pai gow tiles – or more properly, just pai gow – is probably the oldest casino game in the world. While it might seem bizarre to newcomers, it’s actually a very strategic and thoughtful game that can be a lot of fun to play. Here’s our list of the top online casinos for pai gow tiles:

Explanation of Our Pai Gow Tiles Rankings

What do these three casinos offer that other don’t? Here’s a look at why we picked these three as our favorite pai gow casinos.

#1 Pai Gow Tiles Casino – Aladdins Gold

We’ve chosen Aladdins Gold as the best online casino for pai gow tiles. It’s an easy game to play with plenty of options. Most importantly, the house charges the proper 5% commission, a must to make it on our list.

At Aladdins Gold, you can get a 200% bonus with no max, just for signing up for an account today! If you’re from the USA, you’ll be happy to know that US players can play at Aladdins Gold too.

#2 Pai Gow Tiles Casino – Grand Parker Casino

Grand Parker Casino is one of the best places online to play pai gow. As usual, you can count on Grand Parker Casino to offer a game that plays like the real thing and is both reliable and dependable. They also take only a 5% commission on wins.

Americans are welcome to play at Grand Parker. Plus, you can get a great $888 bonus over your first two deposits by signing up for an account today!

#3 Pai Gow Tiles Casino – Bodog Casino

At Bodog, you can play pai gow with the confidence that you’re playing at one of the Internet’s largest and most reputable casino brands. Like the other casinos on our list, Bodog only charges 5% commission on your winning bets.

Bodog is welcoming of US casino players. They also feature one of the coolest bonuses around: a 10% deposit bonus with absolutely no maximum amount! Take advantage of this great offer by signing up for a Bodog account today.

How We Rated the Online Pai Gow Tiles Casinos

5% commission is the standard charge for winning bets in pai gow, so we refuse to list any casino that takes a larger cut than that. All the above casinos take only 5%.

Great Bonus Offers

Everyone loves a huge bonus, so we picked casinos that give you exactly what you want – great value on your deposits. Each casino’s bonus weighed heavily in our rankings.

Overall Casino Reputation

It’s always more fun to play when you know your money is safe and secure. With that in mind, we made sure the casinos on our list were all reliable, trustworthy casinos.

More Pai Gow Tiles Info

Pai gow make seem like an impossible game to play, and it does take some time to get used to how the different tiles are valued. Once you master that, though, the game itself is pretty simple; you divide your four tiles into two hands of two tiles each, a high hand and a low hand. If you can beat both of the dealer’s hands, you win!

When you’re first getting started, arranging your hands can be quite difficult to get a handle on. The best way to play is to emulate the house way, which will almost always give you the optimal strategy.