Slots Strategy

Slot machines are probably the most popular form of gambling in the world, which is why they take up most of the room on your typical casino floor. They’re simple and addictive, making them the perfect game for casual gamblers. Nowadays, video slots have helped make the games even more fun and appealing to a wider variety of players.

Even though slot machines are almost all luck-based, with very little chance for a player to use skill to increase their odds, there is still quite a bit of slots strategy you can use to improve your results. If you play slot machines, you’ll want to follow these tips in order to maximize your returns.

Slot Machine Tips

One key slots strategy is to always make sure you play a machine using the maximum allowed number of coins. Playing with fewer coins almost always reduces the jackpot amount, cutting down your returns significantly. This is especially true with progressive jackpots, where you’ll probably be ineligible to win the jackpot unless you’re playing for the maximum coinage.

Speaking of progressive slots jackpots, chasing those jackpots can be an important part of a good slots strategy. While almost every slot machine carries a significant house edge at first, progressive jackpots can change the odds. When progressive jackpots get very large, they add so much value to playing a slot machine that the player can even have an advantage each time they put money into the machine! Finding unusually large progressive slot jackpots and trying to hit them is a great way to increase your winnings.

If you’re going to choose between playing slots in a live casino or slots parlor, or playing online, playing online slots are almost always the better bet. While brick and mortar casinos have slots machines with generally large house edges, online casinos often have slots that have returns similar to those you’d get from playing a typical table game like craps or roulette.

Finally, one guaranteed way to increase your returns when playing slots is to make sure you take part in your casino’s rewards program. If you’re playing in a live casino, check every few minutes to make sure your rewards card is active in the machine you’re playing. At an online casino, look for games that are eligible for any loyalty or VIP programs you might be a part of. Usually, these programs will add 1-2% to your returns at no cost to you; any slots strategy that doesn’t take advantage of loyalty programs if simply giving money away.

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